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Attentive listening, quality first, content and needs analysis, scenario writing, storytelling, gamification, use of most recent technologies, flexibility, punctuality, staying on budget.


We favorise clear communication during the entire project in order to define and meet your expectations for content, aesthetics, calendar and budget.
We can take care of your film or e-learning from the beginning until the final delivery.
The most important for us is to produce the film or the e-learning platform you have in mind.

human touch

The constantly evolving technological environment leads us to a lot of research and experimentation in order to get the quality we want: we are artisans as much as our predecessors of the analogue area. Technics pass, artisans stay. The mastery and love of work well done, drives us in all our productions.


You can count on us to translate your subject in a captivating story, whether you want to present the famous LLRK2 molecule, a production process, drilling techniques or the presentation of the borderline personality concept.

films and e-tools

We produce quality films and choose together with you the form that is the best adapted to your needs and budgets. The films can be shown on all imaginable devices, from cell phones to giant theatre screens.

In the area of online production, we build simple websites, develop webdocs and put in place state-of-the-art interactive training platforms.

The dynamic between the films and online presence is of utmost importance. An online presence is essential if you want to reach your target group; and films represent a fantastic way of injecting dynamism into a website or a training platform.

We work in collaboration with your training department in order to coordinate your captivating e-learning with real life trainings (blended learning).

Concrete Dreams