film production

the process

Concrete Dreams can produce films from start to finish, from the first contact till the final compression.
You can see below the different possible steps of our workflow in the production of a film.

You may only need some of these steps to complete your project: we adapt the process to your needs.

first steps

Our first meeting will be the occasion for us to ask you a bunch of questions in order to define the film you have in mind.

This is one of the fun parts of filmmaking. It is about having ideas and creating a concept.


• What do you want to communicate with your film?
• Who is your target audience?
• What will be the duration?
• How will the film be distributed?
• Who can we film? What places? Which actions?
• Who are the persons to contact to prepare the shootings and the interviews?
• Do we need actors?
• Do we need a make-up artist?
• What are the deadlines?

Most of these questions are of course obvious, but the answers are essential.


The preproduction concerns all the work done in order to prepare the shootings. During this stage we develop a production planning and a scenario.

In some cases research may be needed to define precisely a subject, get more information or gather opinions of experts or other stakeholders.


• desktop study

• focus groups
• meetings with experts
• online surveys
• check the locations


In collaboration with you and the relevant project stakeholders, we elaborate a scenario.
A well-thought-out scenario allows us to be flexible during the production.

production planning

We contact the resource-persons and the people to be interviewed.
Together we define the content, the locations and the production planning of the film.
After approbation we launch the process.


The production is the outcome of all the preparatory work.
 It is the moment when our cine-cameras play a central role. This is also the most exciting part for all participants!

It covers:
• the preparation of the technical equipment
• the transport to the shooting locations
• the shooting itself
• foster a team spirit to create an enjoyable experience
• gathering the authorisations of all the persons who appear recognisably in the film.

note for the interviewees

If possible, don’t wear your glasses or use contact lenses for the interview.
Avoid garishly coloured clothes - especially the red - and clothes with small geometric patterns.
The most precious advice we can give is to be yourself.


The post-production encompasses all the operations conducted on our computers in order to take full advantage of the rushes harvested during the shootings.

de-rushing and rush indexing

The first step consists in watching all the filmed material.
At the same time, we classify the rushes according to their relevance and assign them keywords.


Here we are at the heart of the film composition. The storytelling depends on the subtle relationship between the different images, but also between the images and sounds — especially the voices and the music.
The goal of all this magnificent complexity is to get fluidity and a natural feel.
A good editing is often invisible.


We film high quality rushes that need to be processed in order to release their full potential.
Uniformity must also prevail in each sequence and between all sequences.


The sound treatment encompasses two big steps: mixing the voices and mixing the music.

[graphic] animations

This category is quite diverse. All kind of animations are possible:

• an animated introduction

• animation of the names of the interviewees
• animation of graphics, numbers, words, icons, pictures in pictures, transitions, etc.

• animation of objects and characters
• animated credits: the names of participants and interviewees, logos, thanks, etc.


preliminary version

Once the preliminary version of a film is done, we put it online on a micro-website where you can watch it and give your feedback.

final version

This is the moment where we finish the last corrections to the film and deliver it to you.
The format of the film is determined by the use you want to make of your movie: do you want to put it online on your website or on Vimeo/YouTube, show it on TV screens, on smart phones, show it on movie theatre screens? We will give you the formats you need.

The delivery is done via a download link.

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