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Ability to listen, quality, analysis of content, scenario writing, storytelling, gamification, flexibility, use of most recent technologies (communication, shooting, post-production, web), respect of deadlines and budgets.


A close collaboration throughout the project allows us to meet your expectations in terms of content, form, calendar and budget.
We can also produce your film from the concept definition till its delivery.
For us it is most important to realise your film the way you like it.

human beings

The constant evolution of the technological environment leads us to a lot of researches and experiments in order to produce great quality films: we are artisans, as much as our predecessors of the argentic area. The technics pass by, the artisans stay. The “all automatic” does not exist in our trade.
Films are not made by technologies, but by human beings.


complete film production cycle

Concrete Dreams takes care of your film production needs from start to finish. We provide a complete service from the conceptualisation till the final product.


You can count on us to translate your subject in an appealing story, be it the LLRK2 molecule, manufacturing processes or borderline personality disorder.

talk to the world

We produce documentaries, reportages, scientific and corporate films.
We can accompany you in the conception of your websites and e-learning platforms: these are great places to communicate your content with films.
The quality of our productions allows them to be watched on all types of supports, from your social media pages to a movie theatre screen.


adjust your vision to the new media

the process

The complete process of the film production is described in great detail on a separate web page.
Some projects require more pre-production than others or a particular delivery form.
Each project is unique and we adapt our proposal to your needs.



E-learnings are powerful content transmission instruments.
The production of a series of films is one of the best ways to make an overall review of a complex subject.
You can thus make up a true user-friendly and dynamic knowledge transmission tool.
The numerous e-learnings that are found today on the Internet are good examples of this potential. Of course, the production of a film series allows for economies of scale.



We often create websites for specific projects, sometimes in the sole purpose to ensure a good communication between all the stakeholders.


If you want to develop your website, a film series allows also to introduce multimedia elements on every page.



More often than not the production of a film or a series of films is part of an overall communication approach. We can provide you photos to illustrate your press releases, brochures, newsletters or other paper or electronic media.

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Concrete Dreams
Krogstraat 90, 1860, Meise, Belgium

Our offices are located at the top of a street, on the outskirts of the town. GPS’s often have difficulties to work well in the countryside, who knows why!
We strongly recommend that you enter the number 10 of the Krogstraat street in your GPS in order to get to our street and then to catch up to the number 90, where we are located.
If ever you enter directly the number 90, your GPS is likely to make your trip longer with a detour of several kilometers.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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mailing address

Concrete Dreams
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1860 Meise / Belgium


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