Vimeo is an online video distribution platform. There you can publish, watch and sometimes download films.
Everybody can have a free account on Vimeo to publish films. Professional accounts benefit from supplementary options.
Click on the button above to go to our Vimeo account.

Vimeo ensures us that our films will be seen in the best possible quality and on most of the existing electronic devices (from a smart phone to a state of the art desktop computer equipped with a HD or 4K screen).

In our Vimeo account, we organised our films in Portfolios that you can visit by clicking on the Portfolio buttons above and below.

You can watch some of our films on our Vimeo channel.

You can download free of charge most of the films we produced on Vimeo.
We would be really grateful to you if you inform us of any commercial and/or public use of these films.
When you are on a film page, you just have to look for the “Download” button, which looks like this:

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When you click on one of these buttons, a list of options will appear. This list presents the different versions of a film that you can download.
From top to bottom, you go from the lightest (with the less quality) to the heavier (with the best quality) version:
. SD 360p . very little devices
. SD 540p . little devices
. HD 720p . older computers + iPad
. HD 1080p . recent computers + iPad
. Original . big screen projections. The best version, the least compressed by the system and so the heaviest. This maximal quality is especially useful for big screen projection.

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Concrete Dreams
Krogstraat 90, 1860, Meise, Belgium

Our offices are located at the top of a street, on the outskirts of the town. GPS’s often have difficulties to work well in the countryside, who knows why!
We strongly recommend that you enter the number 10 of the Krogstraat street in your GPS in order to get to our street and then to catch up to the number 90, where we are located.
If ever you enter directly the number 90, your GPS is likely to make your trip longer with a detour of several kilometers.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Concrete Dreams
Krogstraat 90
1860 Meise / Belgium


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