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In our professional activities we take actions in order to foster the advent of a more sustainable world.
We don’t want to fall into extremist demands. We simply want to add some drops to the big river that will nurture our children in the futur.

  • we plant trees

    Trees are at the heart of all ecosystem viables for human beings. Their disappearance is speeding up the global warming and worsens desertification.
    Planting a tree is giving life a chance. It is, again, preserving the earth for our children.

    We decided to associate with WeForest in order to support the Earth reforestation.
    We deliver certificates for the films we make. Thus, when your order us a film, you automatically plant trees.

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  • we support organisations

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  • at home

    Our company manages its offices in an environmentally friendly manner - ecological products, recycled paper, recycled or second-hand furniture, fluorescent bulbs, refill printer ink, limiting waste, minimum packaging.

    Our company uses 100% green electricity.

    The development of new lighting systems allowed us to abandon classical spotlights to favour LED lighting, which means a significant reduction of our power consumption, be it in our offices or on filming locations.

Choose a location
Concrete Dreams
Krogstraat 90, 1860, Meise, Belgium

Our offices are located at the top of a street, on the outskirts of the town. GPS’s often have difficulties to work well in the countryside, who knows why!
We strongly recommend that you enter the number 10 of the Krogstraat street in your GPS in order to get to our street and then to catch up to the number 90, where we are located.
If ever you enter directly the number 90, your GPS is likely to make your trip longer with a detour of several kilometers.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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mailing address

Concrete Dreams
Krogstraat 90
1860 Meise / Belgium


+32 (0)485 135 290
+32 (0)488 813 113
+32 (0)2 270 16 25


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