Concrete Dreams


Concrete Dreams is a production company created in 2010. We began mainly as a film production company. We evolved and provide today integrated communication strategies.

We evolve constantly to respond to our client's needs. Virtual spaces become more and more important. It is a real challenge to build a legitimate identity in these spaces. Many questions flow from this new reality:

• How to communicate online about my projects or organisation?
• How do I involve new collaborators in my organisation?
• How can I transfer technical knowledge?
• How do I organise online training?
• Can I combine online and live training?
• How do I reinforce the sense of belonging of my collaborators?

If you are asking yourself one of these questions, you are at the right place: it is our concrete dream to get you the answers that suit you best.

concrete applications

• audiovisual material for websites and social media
• corporate films
• scientific films
• training films
• recruitment films
• reportages
• documentaries
• interviews

• surveys
• websites
• webdocs
• interactive e-learning platforms

There is one central element in all our projects: content transfer. Our daily work consist in receiving information from our clients and translate it into a new form.

We call upon storytelling techniques and creativity to build strong and clear content.

Don't hesitate to call us right now to discuss your projects.


Concrete Dreams is a production house, but also a little bit more.

Understanding the world, helping knowledge transfer, promoting a sustainable development, finding inspiring initiatives, strengthening our creativity, using new technologies: these are the roots of our daily work.

Online content has invaded our electronic and physical communication spaces. We need to keep a hold on this visual tidal wave in order to stay on course. Online content has to be attractive to catch the attention of the audience, synthetic and strong to keep it. But the streams of information are powerful game changers in need of sustainable values.

Arts, culture and science are essential in the foundation of a sustainable world.

Through our work, we want to be part of the advent of a fair society allowing to pass on a healthier world to the forthcoming generation.


We are taking small actions in our professional activities to add some drops to the big river that will nurture our children in the future.

we plant trees

Trees are at the heart of all ecosystems. Their disappearance destroys biodiversity, speeds up the global warming and worsens desertification.

Planting a tree is giving life a chance.

We decided to associate with WeForest in order to support the Earth reforestation.

When you order a film or an e-learning platform from us, you automatically plant trees.

we support organisations

We support a number of organisations working to improve our world.

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our offices are green

We use 100% green electricity.
We use fluorescent and led lights.
We use local and ecological products.
Whenever possible, we use our electric bikes.
Whenever possible, we use recycled or second-hand furniture.


We put in place workflows based on trust with our clients.

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Concrete Dreams